Random Musings

I find that I haven’t been able to think of anything to write about the past few weeks. When I started this blog, I had lots of ideas roaming in my head. So I wrote them down and published them, naturally. And then life set in, as it typically does I hear. I made arrangements to quit my job in D.C. and move to Connecticut. I started planning our wedding and looking for a new job. Thankfully, I started a new job, just this week. (I have since decided that being a housewife would be so much nicer.) And now, I find myself musing about, but without any direction or inspiration.

I like my life here in CT. I’ve met more people in the past month than I think I ever have at one time before. Luckily, my coworkers wear name tags. That is excellent at least. And now, I won’t forget my own name! We shall see how the job goes but for now I’m in training and I think it is mostly online at the beginning, so I hate it. For now. I’m optimistic though, that it’ll get better.

We are having slight troubles with wedding plans. This is a small area and most of my friends and family are out of state. I want things to be simple for them. I have also heard of at least two other weddings on the same Saturday as us, so they’re using the already limited resources. At the very least, we are having a ceremony at my church. And woe to us, (sigh!) but the reception might be cut (gasp!) and let’s be honest here. We aren’t getting married to have a party. The reception is tradition, but the ceremony is the most important part. At the same time though, I would like to spend time with our dearest friends and family–especially if they’re coming so far to be here. All my silliness aside, I’m running into speed bumps and I’m anxious to give final plans to our guests. In this case, it is getting harder to remain as optimistic as I’d like but I’m still hopeful. Never fear! The reception details will be sorted out and the party shall occur! Wahoo!

In the meantime, my sweetheart is going to be gone for a couple weeks for work and I’m not going to like that. On the bright side, I have this new job, so I’ll be busy. That’ll help. I’m making friends too, so when I’m not at work, I have people that understand and will keep me from being lonely. That is good too. And it is only for a short time. I don’t have to like it, but I’ll be fine I know.

I’ve been rambling now for a while, hoping I’d find something to say. So far, not a single muse has descended. I was thinking that maybe I’d start in one place and then end up writing about another. That didn’t happen. I’m still grasping at straws here. Methinks I shall end right about…….now!


2 thoughts on “Random Musings

  1. Being honest with your mind and feelings is where a true writer often begins. I am not a writer but love to communicate and mostly listen! I find talking it out with God my Father makes it easier.
    AS far as wedding receptions, think out of the box. September will be beautiful with leaves turning color, cool crisp air and still lots of time for outdoor outings. Check with an apple orchard or a state park, Catering a wonderful picnic can be lots of fun. Isn’t that the kind of party you might have had if you were getting together with all your friends and family in Jacksonville?
    As far as the job training, I know you are anxious to get out and meeting with customers checking and wanting to know what to do in the area. Read all the brochures in the lobby that advertise, pick the brains of others who work with you. You are going to do great!

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