I think too much

Where do you produce your best writing — at your desk, on your phone, at a noisy café? Tell us how the environment affects your creativity.

I suppose I should just come clean first, and then elaborate. It is a simple, honest truth that I produce my best writing these days…in my head. I am sure my followers (all five of you!) have noticed a lack of posts recently. I am afraid that I find great topics to write about and I think about them for days and days. I create brilliant and witty things to say in my brainstorming but they never manage to find themselves put to pen, so to speak. I started this blog several months ago now, because I wanted a place to write. I love to write. Did I put too much pressure on myself? I don’t think anyone is expecting me to post — just me. Aye, there’s the rub. (100 points to anyone who can tell me what that’s from!)

Here I sit at the table in front of my laptop. Doctor Who is playing in the background (what else?) and my cat is climbing in and out of my lap every few minutes. I am still in PJs even though I’ve been awake for a while. I was reading through the recent posts on Facebook and WordPress and came across my friend’s sermon from yesterday and then the Daily Post on how one’s environment interferes or helps one’s writing. I think my environment is half-physical (breakfast dishes still next to me, even though I finished eating) and half-mental (don’t I have wedding planning to work on?) On the days when I think great thinks about what I should write about next, it is usually while I’m cooking dinner or about to go to sleep or driving in the car or something else that takes up time away from sitting at the laptop. More often than not lately, I convince myself that I should not write anything at all. I have a bit of a dry sense of humour that most of my friends don’t understand when it is written down, so sometimes I feel my writing is not appreciated as it was intended. Sometimes I tell myself that my writing on that topic would be about as useful as cruelly venting on Facebook. I’m no longer a teenager — trashing something or someone on social media is immature and really rather pointless. I don’t want my blog to be used for that.

My environment keeps me from writing as often as I think about it, because my environment is mostly in my head. I’ve put this huge pressure on myself to write witty things and then I got caught up doing things. I should write about how much I love the thought of getting married to my best friend or the unique people I interact with at my hotel job, or how cute my sweetheart is with my little kitty, or how much I love my church, or how I actually think I’ve found a couple that is almost exactly like my Love and me.

I put pressure on myself to write because I love doing it but I don’t do it. I should take the time to do what I love every now and then. I am in a new place with new people and a new job, I am about to start the next chapter of my life with my best friend and let’s be honest, being a Navy officer’s wife is a scary thought sometimes, and, I have to be doubly honest here, when I say that planning a wedding for 100 people gets stressful at times. I should absolutely do things to relieve my stress right? I sit and have dinner with my sweetheart every night (stress relief!), and I also find that to do lists and timelines help me stay organised and organisation is HUGE in helping me stay stress-free. But I forgot for a moment how much I love to write. And so I will write.

Why not? Stay tuned! I’m inspired again!!!! (And not second-guessing!)



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