Christmas is All Around Me!

Merry Christmas everyone! You probably already know that we’re in the midst of my favourite time of year. There was the tiniest snow flurry here today in CT but really, it barely snowed. I was disappointed of course–I really HAVE been dreaming of a white Christmas and I’m pretty sure I will not get that here where I live. All is well however. We still have next year! No worries!

Christmas shopping is finished! We have one or two things still left to wrap but we still feel very pleased with our progress. I love to buy Christmas gifts for my family and friends. I really do try to make sure I have selected things that I know they’ll love. If it is the thought that counts, I truly try to put the most thought possible into my gifts. And to my great delight Sir is the BEST gift wrapper! I can handle square things for the most part but Sir can wrap anything and make it beautiful! I’m super lucky to be married to such a craftsman. However, everyone will know when he’s deployed and I’m left to wrap things all by my lonesome. (They’ll either look a bit slapdash with wrapping paper or they’ll be exclusively in gift bags.)

Our fair little cat Aria has not yet succeeded in climbing our beautiful tree but she does try halfheartedly every few days.


We bought our tree at the beginning of Advent because I really wanted the Christmas season to last as long as possible. It took us quite a long time to select just the right tree. It had to be the most perfectest tree EVER because this is our first tree as a married couple! It had to be tall and wide and full and green. The tree farm we go to seems MASSIVE. They also let people come ahead and tag their perfect tree and then pick it up a few weeks later. We were not among this crowd of folks and as such, we had the terrible misfortune of finding BEAUTIFUL trees and then finding that they had already been tagged. I am to be pitied, you see. I have high Christmas tree standards and I was determined that I would know our tree when first I saw it. Sir was very patient with me and found some lovely trees that were very politely but emphatically refused. We even found what we thought was OUR tree and I posted a quick shot on Facebook and everything, but then Sir saw a spot of the farm that we had not yet traversed and our search began again.


Sir and I don’t have very many ornaments yet but we had the inspired idea to put our childhood stuffed animals in the tree with the little baubles we do have! It looks great. Sir loves huskies and I love tigers so we each have our own little friends guarding our tree. My mother passed down her angel tree topper this year and it is perfect! (I’ve waited years to find the perfect tree topper–I’d rather have nothing at all than something cheap and tacky. I have high Christmas standards you understand.)


And of course, we have Campbell, who is our Scottish friend from our honeymoon trip to Stonefield Castle in Tarbert, Scotland.


I would also like to introduce you to Liam, my pal who guards our presents. Liam has been my good friend since I was sixteen. He’s graciously stood watch in my room then my dorm room in college, my first apartment in Jacksonville, and everywhere! He’s great.


I also have a little Christmas tea station set up in the living room. Everywhere we stayed in the UK on our honeymoon had a little electric kettle and teas and I just thought it was a wonderful idea so I’ve adapted that into our home for the Christmas season.

Anyways. I know that Christmas isn’t about the decorations but I do love my Christmas wonderland and I hope you are having a lovely peaceful holiday season!


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