Drop It Like A Squat

You guys. I think I’m crazy. I recently started a fitness challenge that I found on Pinterest (and the person on Pinterest got it from here.) I just happened to be going through pins, looking for a good supplement workout. I love my yoga, but wanted to add to it. What I found was an amazing array of 30 Day Fitness challenges. I’m on Day 13 of the 30 Day Squat Challenge and let me tell you, I’m loving it!

The first day lists 50 squats as the starter and it was easy, to be perfectly honest. I did other leg things after doing those squats in my workout (lunges, etc…) and the next day, my legs felt tired but not really sore. But gradually, the challenge has had me add 5, 10, or 20 squats each time and now my lower body is on fire, in a good way. A really good way. I love that sore feeling, or well, I love to hate it I guess. It is extra super duper painful to do simple chores around the house because now it hurts to walk. However, it is the kind of pain that means I’m getting stronger,and I love that.

I should have taken a picture on Day 1, so that on Day 30, after completing 250 squats, I would have something to make a Before/After collage with. And then, once I rise to the 250 squats, what happens after that? Do I keep increasing the reps or do I just do 250 everyday in my regular workout? We’ll see how I feel on Day 31, but I predict that I’ll keep it at 250 for a while as I move on to other 30 Day Challenges. They really have so many.

I love this way of working out. I have a visible goal with an “end” in mind, and it is certainly a substantial goal that I wouldn’t be able to achieve without the stepladder approach. Plus, I can do them all in my home which is a HUGE bonus. I’m all for a yoga class but in general, I dislike working out in gyms. With this, I put a TV show or movie on as a mental distraction and just get going, counting out loud to make sure I don’t lose my place.

I think my next challenge will be this 30 Day Abs Challenge. I’ll remember to take a Before picture too. My 10-year high school reunion is coming up. Let’s do this!!!

Photo credit: 30 Day Fitness Challenges


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