Just me and my BuJo

It feels like it’s been years since my last post. I find that I’ve run out of ideas for things to write lately. This blog doesn’t have a theme really, so if I can write about anything, why have I felt so limited? I’m pretty sure it is because I will get ideas at the least opportune moments. It usually goes like this:

“OMG I should totally write about that time when that thing happened to me at that place!,” I think to myself as I’m cooking a complicated dinner for my Sir.

“Wow, that was a great social commentary that my friend posted on Facebook today and I find that I have several thoughts on that matter,” I muse as I’m driving to do something.

And then I get distracted by whatever activity I’m headed to, plus the traffic driving back home and it is inevitably stricken from my memory record. It is my curse. I’m filled with guilt because I love to write.

So what have I done to mitigate this worrisome curse? I’m glad you asked!

I started a Bullet Journal (BuJo) today and I’m already obsessed. It is like it’s the journal system I’ve searched my whole life for, without knowing that I was on a quest. Just like that, a whole new world of organisation, creativity, and writing has opened up before me. I just had to share my joy.

I first heard about this whole Bullet Journals fad just two days ago. A friend posted about it on her Facebook and I investigated a little bit, but it didn’t quite make sense. I signed up for the Evie & Sarah Bullet Journal email challenge, but the information comes in pieces, one day at a time. I was not getting the full picture right away. Now I understand that it is because the full picture is an infinite universe of possibilities that in no way can ever be explained in one day. But two days ago, I spent a little time trying to find out information about it and I was underwhelmed. I put it from my mind.

Until this morning. I often wake up and scroll through my newsfeed before I start my day. (I’m six hours behind my family and friends on the East Coast so I find that they’ve already posted their adventures by the time I wake up.) Today I found a BuzzFeed article about the BuJo though and it promised to answer all of my questions. You guys. Angels sang above my head as I read. I was filled with inspiration and ideas of how to apply this journalling technique to my everyday life. I immediately made plans to head out to my mothership. Suddenly my day was full of delicious possibility!

I should explain. I’m pretty sure my mother colour-coded my school supplies when I was in kindergarten. I have very neat handwriting and I might have a habit of buying notebooks and pens even when I don’t technically need them. Sir has told me a few times that he is just glad that my addiction is to pens and notebooks and not designer handbags and shoes. I’ve written diaries since I was in elementary school, but for several years, I’ve been craving something more. Many Navy spouse friends I’ve met here in Hawaii told me the virtues of the LifePlanner, but I hesitated. It is the middle of the year and I didn’t want to shell out the money for a planner I couldn’t use every single page in.

So. Back to my errand to the mothership, or OfficeMax as the rest of the world calls it. I wanted a sturdy dot grid notebook because, for real, the photos in the BuzzFeed article were fabulous. I immediately needed to recreate them for myself. I invested in a leather-bound TUL notebook. It came with lined paper, but for five bucks I also got a pack of dot grid refill paper. Best of both worlds! I could have gone with one of the notebooks I already have in my closet that I keep for a rainy day, but to be honest, I was positive this would be such a great thing that I was willing to invest right away. Call it a gut feeling. I also bought new pens, on the recommendation of another stationary junkie friend of mine. (Seriously, are all sub wives this OCD about journals and pens?)

Once I returned home, I set myself up in my bedroom with my laptop and my new supplies. I opened up my Pinterest and started new searches. This time around, armed with the understanding that dawned on me, I found the pins to be helpful and inspirational, rather than confusing. Two hours later, I had my very own Bullet Journal started and set up and I can’t stop gushing.

Why did I start talking about my writing dilemma in the beginning of this post, then, if I was only going to go on and on about my BuJo? Well. With my fab new journal, I’ve got great plans of making it work for me (and by ‘me’ I mean ‘you,’ my readers.)  With my journal, I’ll be able to organise my time and my thoughts and thus, I predict that I will be able to remember more things and write more.


I solemnly swear to write more often!




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