Bullet Journal, one month in

My entire world has changed. A new organisation system has actually changed my life. I knew I was onto something big when I wrote about my Bullet Journal (or BuJo, for short) in this post but I figure it would be worth it to report on the practical applications it has had for my day to day life.

A bit of background first. Ryder Carroll created the Bullet Journal system and called it “the analog system for the digital age.” You can check it all out here. But others have taken that system and merged it with the planner world and that where I found  myself. Creative layouts for days, weeks, and months combined with the rapid logging technique outlined by Carroll and all of a sudden, I was hooked. Like many people who’ve found their BuJo niche, I tried many planners over the years. My mom got me a planner when I was a kid and I saw her using her little binder filled with dates and addresses and useful things. My schools provided us with little spiral planners to use each year too, and that I filled with homework and school projects and field trips and such. As an adult, I’ve tried many datebooks and calendars and planners and after a few weeks or months, I inevitably give them up. I’ve also kept journals since I was 6 or 7 years old, but my habit has fallen by the wayside recently. And my to do lists were epic. I’d write them down on anything I had at hand, from my actual hand to mirrors (dry erase markers work very well on bathroom mirrors!)

The Bullet Journal system is a to do list, datebook, journal, and planner all in one, plus so much more. I have my whole life in there and it is all kept safe in the index at the front. When I make a new list, I mark the page number in the index. It seems like such an easy concept but it really is the heart and soul of the journal. What is the point of making lists if you can never find them later on?

So what is it about the BuJo that drew me in and changed my life? Well it is because it is so adaptable. In the past, I’d use a planner that had all the dates and layouts pre-printed for me. I’d choose a horizontal or vertical layout or a monthly view and then be stuck with that forever. In the month since starting my new BuJo though, I’ve set up several different kinds of layouts, all inspired by photos posted to Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, changing my layout to suit my needs. If I need to have a weekly layout, I can set that up, but if I find I am not as productive that way, I can tweak it as needed the next week. I’ve discovered that I like a daily layout at the moment, because it combines my list of tasks and chores and journaling. But just last night, I decided to try a layout that puts two days on each page. It’ll be sort of a cross between a weekly and a daily. But that’s just it. I can change things up to suit my changing needs. My summer is not terribly busy, so I imagine things will change in the autumn when I get involved in projects and events and stuff. It’s the flexibility that I need.

Nowadays, or at least the past month, I wake up knowing exactly what I need to do that day because I organised myself the night before. I’ve actually found myself dreaming about notebooks. (I often wake up when my Sir goes to work at pre-dawn hours, and then I go back to sleep. It is in that time that I’ve found I dreamt of notebooks and checking things off a to do list.)

I’ve discovered a whole group of people that seem to be just like me. I have a hoard of pens and pencils and an addiction to notebooks and other “school supplies” and now I “know” others who are the same. My favourite scene in the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is when they’re looking at Indy’s father’s grail diary and I discovered others who felt the same way. It is a great feeling to know of others with this quirky penchant for all things written.

In my search for the perfect system, I’ve discovered an exciting new world of products that I never knew existed. Leuchtturm1917 is a brand I had never heard of but all of a sudden, their limited summer edition notebook is a thing that must be in my life. And my mother has written letters to me with fountain pen for years, but I never wanted to learn until now for some reason. I’ve got my first fountain pen and found the helpful folks at the Goulet Pen Company have a great website full of things to enable me. They post useful videos and blogs and product reviews and I have already bookmarked their website so that I won’t have to try very hard to visit. I’m not being compensated in any way to say these things either. I just love to share the things that make me happy. And boy howdy, I’m a happy girl!


My morning: coffee, a letter to a friend, my new fountain pen, and my BuJo!


The key at the front of my BuJo. I got inspiration for this from Smita Bose on the FB group: Bullet Journal Junkies


The first page of my Index. I deliberately made two pages for this.


The second half of my Future Log (essentially an at-a-glance calendar.)


One of my lists. I’m determined to visit all the beaches of Oahu before we eventually move away.


I really love the Tour de France and tracking it this way helps me feel super involved.


My June month at-a-glance.


My first layout for June


I changed to a fun weekly layout


Page 1 of the next weekly layout I tried


A July goals and habits page.


And two of my July daily spreads.



One thought on “Bullet Journal, one month in

  1. Looks like a fun adventure to me!
    Lauren, so organized📔📕📖📜📑📫📤📥📬✒📝
    “Why don’t you write me, I’m out in the jungle, I’m hungry to hear you. Send me a card I’ve been waiting so hard to be near you!”
    Lol have fun, hi to Mr Pac😂

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