Who’s That Girl?

Lauren 1

Thanks for stopping by my little blog site here. I am just your hopefully-not-so-average twenty-something who loves to write. I started this blog to put to pen all the thoughts I have that just won’t go away. In general, I write about the things that inspire and excite me. I am recently married and so my trophy husband pops up in my blogs sometimes too. My writing is a little bit zany, especially when I’m writing about myself but I’ve got a love of words and grammar on my side, and I still try to make my writing clear and fun to read. I don’t have an overall theme for this blog. Rather, I just write because I can’t help it. Sometimes they’re more serious in nature, but sometimes they’re pure fiction. You never really know what I’ll post next! (Surprise!) I’m definitely an Anglophile and I was a music theatre major in college a few years ago and I find those two things really shape my personality and thus, my writing. You’ll probably notice that I write as if I were speaking. Anyways, welcome to my world!

Feel free to read my posts (all of them!!!!!) and feel even freer to tell me what you think of them. I urge you to feel at your most free when reblogging them or telling your friends all about them.


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